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In Page 252, In Section 21.1.1, Line 4, the books says "putStrLn is an IO action". But always putStrLn returns IO (). According to Haskell Wiki, putStrLn is function.

Is putStrLn action, or not? and why?
dre (42) [Avatar] Offline
gday mate.

that wiki explains it well and i'd go with what they say.

to paraphrase:

putStrLn is a function. but when you pass a String to it, the result is an IO action, of type IO ().

in otherwords,

1. you can see that putStrLn is a function by looking at its type, namely String -> IO ()
2. and here is how you create an IO action when using the putStrLn function: putStrLn "gday mate". it has type IO ()
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Thanks dre. It's clear explanation.