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534284 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Is there any code samples for the Forms and HttpClient chapters ?
Yakov Fain (219) [Avatar] Offline
All code samples are here:
gardnercr (2) [Avatar] Offline
I'm reading chapter 3 now. On p. 82:

"To start working on this exercise, open the folder chapter3/ngAuction in your IDE and
install the project dependencies by running the npm install command."

On. p. 84:

"Modify the file product-item.component.ts to
look like the following listing."

This leads me to believe that the chapter3 directory is where I should do the mods. However, it looks like, at least in some cases, that these mods are already done in the github project. Is that by design or should I be modifying the files elsewhere?

Yakov Fain (219) [Avatar] Offline
The code samples on github have the completed versions of ngAuction app. If you'd be following the instructions from the book (starting from chapter 2), you'd be creating this app from scratch.