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convex hull
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I would like to plot a figure with the solid formed by a set of 3D points:

0 0 0
0 0 0.285957
0 0.285957 0.285957
0 0.3812378724 0.1906189362
0 0.571914 0
0.1906761276 0.3812378724 0.1906189362
0.285957 0.285957 0.285957
0.571914 0 0
0.571914 0 0.285957

I can solve this plot with Matlab or Mathematica resulting a figure like the attached file CH.png

but I do not know how to plot this figure with Gnuplot. If a solution is possible I also would like to add transparency to the planes that form the hull.

Thank you very much for the forum help
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I can't think of an easy way to do this, but it can be done.

You can use the "splot" command to do this, but it will require
you to munge your data first. The "splot" command will draw
a surface over a base plane. If you present your coordinates
as such (once for the "top" and "sides" of your body, and once
for the "bottom"), then "splot" should do what you are asking

Be aware that "splot" will not find the convex hull of a set of
coords, though. You will have to prepare your data to indicate
what constitutes the faces of the body in question. Check the
reference documentation (or my book) for the required data