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Please post errors in the published version of Reactive Application Development here. If necessary, we'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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In particular, I think that chapter 3 in the release version (PDF and EPUB) needs comprehensive editing. It seems to be a draft version, actually, because of the language style (it doesn't feel as fluid as the rest of the text) and the fact that some text fragments and figures are repeated or not clear enough.

Just a few observations among the many issues I noticed when reading this chapter a few days ago:

In Listing 3.1, the notes that accompany the source code are duplicated in the main text.

Figure 3.6 is duplicated by Figure 3.7.

Figures 3.2 (Different forms of signal completion) is not really helpful or illustrative.

In the EPUB verison, table 3.1 (Message delivery methods) shows two different rows for the "exactly-once" method.
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Thank you -- I'll take a look and compare with the print versions. The conversion process isn't a perfect science yet unfortunately. It's good to know what we're missing so we can improve the process. Thank you very much!

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Listing 2.6 lists
for creating Props, which should be
(without the 'Actor' postfix). The chapter code on github is correct.
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as reviewer 197362 observed Figure 3.6 is missing and instead we have a copy of Figure 3.7 (duplicate). This error is in print.
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An errata list for Reactive Application Development is available at Thanks to everyone for contributing. We appreciate it.

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