Seo (4) [Avatar] Offline
azaks create \
--resource-group azuremolchapter19 \
--name azuremol \
--node-count 2 \
--generate-ssh-keys \

`azaks` should be `az aks`
Iain Foulds (16) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, Seo. Good catch. These issues should be cleaned up in production, as looks like just a formatting error in typesetting. The original manuscripts I have don't show this, so I'll make sure it is correct in the final version. Hopefully you were able to complete the exercises correctly!
Iain Foulds (16) [Avatar] Offline
Just to close this one, I've verified the production version of this exercise is correctly formatted. Not sure why it appears incorrect in the latest MEAP edition, but again, hopefully you were able to successfully deploy your AKS cluster!