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is there a possibility to reduce the Kinesis shardHourStorage ? The only way i found is to remove the kinesis stream when its not in usage, but probably there is a better solution for this?

In productive usage such a kinesis stream could be very expensive.

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With Kinesis, there is a baseline cost for one shard, that's true.

Whether or not it's expensive is up for debate.

For a student who's only using it to learn, yes, it's an extra cost you definitely want to do without, unfortunately I don't know of any better way than to manually delete it (or just delete the whole stack) when you're not using it.

For a production usage, it can be "expensive" compared to other solution when you're not dealing with lots of messages, here's a quick comparison of 1 msg/s for a month: https://www.slideshare.net/theburningmonk/serverless-design-patterns-99425870/148

The picture looks drastically different even at moderate scale of 1k msgs/s : https://www.slideshare.net/theburningmonk/serverless-design-patterns-99425870/149

We'll talk more about cost in a later unit, but as for whether or not Kinesis is expensive, it depends.