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I found three mistakes within the first thirty seconds. There are multiple words stuck together.

Note: 'stateof' is not a word. Nor is 'happenswhen'. p.3

stateof their own, so any data to be rendered must be received as props.
To get started and begin understanding the flow of React Native, let’s walk through what
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Hi, I'm the Development Editor on this book--essentially, the book's project manager at Manning.

We don't copyedit books until they are handed over to the Production department. It slows down the writing process considerably. Once the book is in Production, it will be thoroughly copyedited.

Meanwhile, please bear with the typos. Thank you!
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The problem is not that there are typos, but rather that the person who created the PDF didn't bother to either format it correctly or check it before it went online. Wherever there was a new line in the original there are now two words joined together.

>> the book's project manager at Manning.
The book has a project manager? So why has nobody chased up the author? Manning claimed that it was in its final stages a year ago, and nothing has happened since then.