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176091 (5) [Avatar] Offline
I was wondering if it would be possible to include some chapter(s) on art related topics like style transfer, and other image/video generation techniques, like the ones observed here:

I know they are of subjective value, but could be a nice bonus!
Eli Stevens (15) [Avatar] Offline
Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Right now, the closest we're coming to some of the style transfer is the "Horse to Zebra" Cycle GAN that we introduce early in the book, and then will come back to cover in detail in part 4. While it's not exactly the same as style transfer, many of the same techniques should apply.

Beyond that, we don't have any plans to cover the more artistic possibilities right now. That said, the book isn't set in stone, so if this is a subject that is important to our readers and we feel like we can make it fit into the text in a way that doesn't feel tacked on, we'll certainly consider expanding the TOC to include a chapter on it.

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Thank you for the honest reply, I hope there will be others interested in this subject as well!