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mariof (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hi there! I'm a developer reading this book to fill in some gaps in my knowledge and generally do more with less help needed from admins. I don't have a linux box myself at the moment, and applications in my life would almost certainly be done on a remote server, so I just spun up an EC2 instance after skimming chapter 1 for setup instructions. Then I got to chapter 2, which only has instructions for setting up a VirtualBox VM with the Ubuntu GUI.

I see that it ultimately moves away from VirtualBox in the next section, but it's confusing to have to jump around the book to try and figure out whether your setup will work, and if not, whether it's worth using a workaround. And as someone who's working through the book in limited free time, it's frustrating to have to discover during "study" time that you have to wade into another installation. To conclude: I think it would be helpful to include some "minimal installation requirements" at the beginning of the book.

David Clinton (92) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for your note. You make a good point and I understand why the existing setup makes things a bit tough for you. The problem is that the individual projects have so many moving parts and variations that finding a single "minimal installation requirement" that would work for everything is pretty much impossible.
Off the top of my head I'd guess that *any* Linux install will work for about half of the book's projects, but others - in particular those that require complicated networking environments - might be difficult. Nevertheless, I'll try to give some thought to coming up with a more inclusive baseline setup.
And please feel free to be in touch here if you do get stuck at any point.
Good luck!
mariof (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the reply! I totally understand how the variety of projects could make it impossible to cover them all in one setup.