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It makes sense to focus the book on one API design principle (i.e. REST). But I think it would add value to the book if you added a (brief) comparison to other major current design principles. Maybe you could add an appendix listing design principles such as gRPC or GraphQL with their weaknesses, strengths, typical use cases and links to further information?
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It's planned, you'll have to wait some time smilie
As said while answering the Sync vs Async question, the various types of APIs will be discussed in chapter 10:

Synchronous vs asynchronous will be discussed in chapter 10 (Designing in consumer's and provider's context).
The different types of APIs (synchronous, asynchronous, streaming, resources based, RPC and graph) will be discussed in this chapter. People tend to blindly choose to design synchronous REST APIs without knowing that there are other solutions that may be more adapted to solve some specific use case.

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Thanks! I'm looking forward to that (and all the other chapters, of course).