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While I can understand that you don't want to overcomplicate the content in Chapter 3, I feel a bit uneasy about the fact that content type and HTTP status aren't mentioned in Chapter 3. I guess you will discuss them elsewhere in the book, but even so I feel you should warn the reader that there are such things and that they are important.
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Thanks for your feedback.
There are so many things that are important, but I can't talk about them all at once smilie
Chapter 3 focus on really basic usage of HTTP do design a programming interface in the nominal case (no error)
HTTP status codes are introduced in chapter 4 with the OpenAPI specification but really discussed in chapter 5 (Designing straightforward APIs) when discussing about error feedback.
Content negotiation will be discussed in chapter 6 (Designing predictable APIs).

But I keep your feedback in mind, the book will evolve as it is written to adjust all chapters together in a consistent whole.