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File 'p1ch2/horse2zebra_net_G.pth' is missing - so following the CycleGan concept is limited to code review only
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Thank you for letting us know, and sorry for the oversight. smilie

We're in the process of updating the code samples to work with the just-released PyTorch 0.4, so it might be a few days before we can get updated code pushed out, but hopefully by this weekend we'll have everything in place.

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Great, thanks. I've just upgraded to 0.4 so this will be very welcome. I am really enjoying your style of writing and approach BTW. Please note that this example code requires a folder p1ch2 - but in the existing system there are only folders starting with the name p2 ...
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Thanks for the kind words on the writing! Everything you've read so far was written by Luca; hopefully my chapters in part 2 will be enjoyable as well.

I've pushed an updated version of the code to GitHub:


There are four Jupyter Notebook files, ordered as covered in the chapter, along with the various data files needed. I'll admit we haven't gotten all of the library requirements spelled out just yet, so you might need to install a package or two beyond what we mention in the text. Since the package list will be changing as the book evolves, we probably won't nail that down until we're further along.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Cheers!
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That's great - thank-you very much - I'm looking forward to Chapter 2 smilie