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471639 (6) [Avatar] Offline
When I place the code in Listing 17.9 in a file (REPL.js) in my project, then run it in REPL using .load REPL.js (as directed two paragraphs above the Listing), it doesn't work.

It looks like line 11 is a complete, valid line of JavaScript, so REPL executes it without going into multi-line mode. However, line 12 is not valid code all by itself, so I get INVALID REPL KEYWORD.

This seems really simple, but is there some way to get this to work in REPL? What am I missing here?
471639 (6) [Avatar] Offline
I found what feels like a hack in a SO thread (second answer, I wrapped all of the code in:

if(1){ **Listing 17.9** }

It works, but feels icky.
TheWexler (62) [Avatar] Offline
I apologize for getting to this so late. I wasn't sure at which point this error occurred in the MEAP release cycle. I was just able to load and run repl.js in the final manuscript without errors. If you can copy and paste the code with which you experienced an issue, I can offer a more in depth analysis.