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Gavin Henry (7) [Avatar] Offline

I'm on page 49 and can't get a SFC to load correctly. I get this without an import statement:

> jest --config test/unit/jest.conf.js --coverage

 PASS  test/unit/specs/sanity_check.spec.js
 FAIL  test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js
  ? Console

    console.error node_modules/vue/dist/vue.runtime.common.js:1739
      TypeError: this.$intro is not a function

so I add this to my test from main.js:

import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'

Test is now:

import { shallow } from 'vue-test-utils'
import Dashboard from '@/components/Dashboard.vue'
import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'

describe('Dashboard.vue', () => {
  it('should show the word Overview', () => {
    const wrapper = shallow(Dashboard)

and I get:

> jest --config test/unit/jest.conf.js --coverage

 FAIL  test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js
  ? Test suite failed to run

    import { DIRECTIVES } from './directives';
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token import

      1 | import { shallow } from 'vue-test-utils'
      2 | import Dashboard from '@/components/Dashboard.vue'
    > 3 | import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'
      4 | 
      5 | describe('Dashboard.vue', () => {
      6 |   it('should show the word Overview', () => {
      at ScriptTransformer._transformAndBuildScript (node_modules/jest-cli/node_modules/jest-runtime/build/script_transformer.js:316:17)
      at Object.<anonymous> (test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js:3:19)

so I'm guessing the import is not transformed by Jest.

Any tips here? I'd like to just import my SFC and Jest figures the rest out.

Edd Yerburgh (42) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Gavin, the code you posted is not from this book, but it looks like the code is not being compiled by Jest.

Can you post a repository with the full setup? That way I can debug the code for you.

I'd be interested in what information I can add to the book to teach you how to compile with Jest smilie.
Gavin Henry (7) [Avatar] Offline
Will do.
574651 (4) [Avatar] Offline
It's the same problem as posted in the chrome debugger thread.

It would be cool, if you could add a little disclaimer at the beginning of the book as it seems, that I am not the only one, who likes to setup the examples themself, instead of using provided code skeletons.

Edd Yerburgh (42) [Avatar] Offline
What kind of disclaimer would you like me to add?

In the latest edits to the manuscript I added a callout about using vue-cli to setup test compilation, is that the kind of information you would find useful?