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PDF page 98:
ICancelable _synchronisationTick;
protected override void PreStart()
    var scheduler = Context.System.Scheduler;
        0, 500, Self, SynchronisationTick.Instance, Self);

_synchronisationTick is never assigned by this code.
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I see you've post lots of issues here, but no response.
That makes me worried about this book.

With all those issues, do you recommend this book?
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Hi Huanlin,

At the moment I can't recommend getting this book. As per the last MEAP (still V12) the content is still in a very raw state, the case studies are pretty useless in my opinion, there hasn't been an updated MEAP in ages, plus the release date keeps slipping, with no explanation. My suggestion would be to wait for the book to be released, and then read reviews of the finished content to determine whether it's worth it for you.
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Thank you RH for your suggestions.
I'll wait and see how it goes.

By the way, if you got any good resources to learn Akka.NET , I would love to know.
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I would recommend:
* The Akka.net bootcamp: https://github.com/petabridge/akka-bootcamp
* The official documentation: https://getakka.net/articles/intro/what-is-akka.html
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Got it. Thank you RH.