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I’ve run into some problems running the examples in chapter 6:

The main one is that MySQL has released a version 8.0 branch, which appears to be incompatible with the current examples.
Because the MySQL deployment descriptor specifies the image mysql:latest, it pulled in the 8.0.x version, to which the example fails to connect.

By instead specifying mysql:5.7 to use the latest from the 5.7 branch I was able to get the examples running properly using the supplied docker images.

A second, minor issue is that the unit tests for the ConnectionPosts service currently do not work, since the Jedis client is unable to initialise.

Some other remarks about the text for chapter 6:

The note about creating the cookbook database on page 137 (142) may be placed better before the list of deployment steps on page 133 (13smilie. This because the services will fail to start up if the cookbook database is not present.
Of course the restart cycle in Kubernetes will take care of this eventually even if the database is created later, but that may take a few minutes and cause additional confusion.

There is a reference to section 5.2.2 for setting up Minikube, but the current (v6) MEAP includes an older version of chapter 5 which does not contain that section.
Fortunately setup is not hard when looking at the Minikube readme. Although I suspect a higher than default memory config may be advisable to avoid getting stuck in garbage collection / swap issues.

Good chapter otherwise, and I like the switch to a locally runnable environment for the examples.
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Thanks for this hint. I also stumbled across this issue with the older mysql image and was struggling to find why it did not work. The logs of the connection service pods and some googling were helpful.

I hope that the author looks here some time or will at least be informed.