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dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Amazon released a new version of the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for node and it looks great! I wrote about the major changes and am hard at work at updating the code in the book to match.

If you have any questions, post in here and let me know.
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
very nice buddy, I appreciate your work
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Another quick update on this. I made the updates for the new SDK, plus some other changes based on reader feedback. It's held up in editing right now. I'm really eager to get this out to all of you, and I really appreciate the patience you've shown! I think you'll like the new changes.
559696 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Dustin

Do you have any update on when the book will be finished?

dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Neil, thank you for asking and I'm sorry about the delay.

If you are asking about the updates for the Alexa Skills Kit V2 specifically, I incidentally asked my editor just last night when we can release the updates to include the new code. I'll get back to you when I hear back—I'm eager for those to be available for you.

For the book overall, the final release date has been pushed back to the fall. I'm really sorry about this. To give you insight into why, I received feedback from my editors that there were areas of the book that could stand improving to aide in teaching the skills and making for a better book overall. One that, I hope, you'll want to come back to again and share with friends.

We decided to undertake those improvements, which I'm working on now. I understand what it's like to be waiting for something that you've pre-ordered whose shipment date is pushed back, but I'm confident that the final release will be a book that justifies the delay.
559696 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, Dustin, appreciate the quick response!