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Listing 3.19: game = game.apply_move(bot_move) <- missing one argument, I think should be game = game.apply_move(game.next_player, bot_move)

"Games have long been been" - double 'been'

    def get_go_string(self, point):  ?
        string = self._grid.get(point)
        if string is None:
            return None
        return string

why not just to return string?
    def get_go_string(self, point): 
        return self._grid.get(point)

whats the point of 'if'?

Fantastic book, I think one of the best on my bookshelf. I wish I would have it 20 years ago when I was studying in university...We were working on chess and someone from our group (3guys) said how about we use NN to evaluate position? I said why to evaluate position, why not to teach it to make next move? and we laughed. it was hard to imagine that it will be possible even in theory.
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“What move should X make next? There’s no trick here; taking the lower left

should be "lower right" according to picture 4.1.