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Not sure if this is the right place for submitting notes or corrections..

Just in case this is the right place, there you go:

Page 56 of MEAP (30/3/2018) update:

def ticket.details(*x)
x.each { |detail| puts “This ticket is #{detail} }

There is a missing double quotation mark

Should be:

def ticket.details(*x)
x.each { |detail| puts “This ticket is #{detail}" }

I will post more if I am in the right place..!

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Yes! This is a great place for recording errata. Thank you for pointing this out. It will help to make the book cleaner.

If you find any other issues I'm happy to review them.

Thanks again,

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Not a typo, but an unpleasant part described in an unpleasant way:

Page 84:


The class Class is an instance of itself—that is, it’s a Class object. ... Object is a class but classes are objects. So, Object is an
object. And Class is a class. And Object is a class, and Class is an object.


The best way to deal with this paradox, at least for now, is to ignore it.

I understand it is not the easiest thing to explain, but it is also not made any easier this way, do you agree ? Is there a way to provide better explanation that does not further confuse the reader? I am afraid this may push away people from using Ruby..

** Note: Since I am not a native English speaker, I may be wrong, but I would redo this part.. I can provide an example if you like. Or if you can provide an alternative to this, it would be great.
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One more note (page 85):


The &:price was not explained, I think it should
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page 147:

Just a personal opinion, the class car should be presented before using it, since all its components are already discussed before (nothing new there..)
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Thank you, thank you! All of your suggestions have been helpful and I will make changes as necessary.

For the explanation of the class Class, I agree that this can be confusing. I will try to find a better way to explain it.

The other suggestions are well-received and will be made to the final draft.

Please keep your feedback coming!