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I'm sure that you'll get onto this later, but now that I've got my CI working, and happily building '-dev' versions of DynamoDB tables and do I promote stuff to live? do a './ deploy live' manually?..doesn't seem right
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Hi Jez, you'd create another pipeline to deploy to production. Deploying manually should never be an option unless you're dealing with exceptional circumstances - e.g. CI/CD tool is down, and you need to deploy an emergency release.

If you're doing continuous deployment, then you'll trigger the production pipeline from the previous pipeline, depending on how many different stages you go through - dev, staging, loadtest, etc.

If you're doing continuous delivery, then you'll trigger the production pipeline manually.

If you're using one AWS account for the different environments, then you'll need to prefix the names of SNS topics, etc. with the stage name (e.g. "dev") as well.
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Thanks! Obvious really. I must have been having a dumb moment smilie
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No worries, we're all here to learn, there are no dumb questions!