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[Originally posted by akrassavine]

Summary: setViewFov stops working


I has been playing around with the system and encountered a serious (for me)
and puzzling problem. If anyone could explain what is happening and provide
a work-around - I would be very grateful.

I have a conventional scene created by extending book's examples.
I use an orbiter (from ActuationBlocks) and a fover (from VisualizeBlocks)
to give me rotation/zooming capabilities - directly from the code. The scene
is composed of Spheres, Cylinders and Text3Ds (with DisplayFaceGroup
behaviour), but nothing exceptional or really heavy.

The twist is that I am attempting to provide some interactivity by
enabling GUI to add/remove nodes to the scene. I do it "brute-force":
the whole scene is regenerated from scratch every time new node is
added. I am carefully removing listeners before, so there are no
memory leaks.

At some point (usually after several adds), the zooming behavior
stops working full-stop. Everything else works perfectly. I traced
down the issue and found out that the events DO keep propagating and
Vise.setFieldOfView do get executed correctly (and getFieldOfView returns
correct values), but it appears to have no effect on how the scene is

Usual suspects:

remain unchanged.

Any ideas on what is happening?

Windows XP Professional
JDK 1.4.0
Java 3D(TM) 1.2 OpenGL (tested with both final and beta2 flavors)