Jakub Korab (1) [Avatar] Offline

In section 4.5.1, there is no description of where CreateTime and LogAppendTime come from - it has also not been mentioned earlier. It would be helpful to mention message.timestamp.type or the topic-level log.message.timestamp.type config settings.

This section does not read well, as the paragraph starting "There is an abstract method..." interrupts the explanation.

To make it clearer, in the paragraph "The ExtractRecordMetadataTimestamp is an abstract...", the last sentence should read something along the lines "Concrete implementations vary in how they treat invalid timestamps, by overriding the #onInvalidTimestamp method from the base class. The concrete extractor classes are as follows:"

In UsePreviousTimeOnInvalidTimestamp, "the last valid extracted timestamp" should read "the latest extracted valid timestamp of the current record's partition".


Bill Bejeck (47) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Jakub,

Those configuration settings are mentioned in Chapter 2, but I'll add some references to Chapter 4 pointing out where to find those descriptions.

Thanks for making the suggested changes, I'll try my best to get those in.