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Quoted from section 1.3.3:
On some sites, articles are typically only in one or two groups at most (“all articles” and whatever group best matches the article). In that situation, it would make more sense to keep the group that the article is in as part of the article’s HASH, and add one more ZINCRBY call to the end of our article_vote() function.

Which key should the ZINCRBY be called on?
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In this case, I was trying to imply that you could create a per-group score: and/or time: zset, so you wouldn't need to intersect against the group sets. You'd add (perhaps) to score:<groupname>:, maybe increment both sorted sets scores on votes, etc. It's not a great example because work has to be duplicated, but it offers an alternative to needing to intersect to get something (big intersections in Redis can be slow).