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I can't seem to make sense of the example code for this book. They don't seem to be in sync at all. I look at Chapter 5, which has to do with lifecycle methods and shows example code with calls to things like componentDidMount(), then I look at the ch5 directory in the example code, and the examples don't seem to have any bearing on the lifecycle methods - they show "controlled" and "uncontrolled" examples that come from chapter 7 on forms. There is no example of componentDidMount() at all in the ch5 example code. All the code is like this - it just doesn't match the chapter content. I downloaded this from the github site - is there a different version of the code from another location?
Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Did you try this link?

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
129525 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks very much. The "react-quickly" repository looks like it has the correct code.

Somehow I had gotten a URL to the "azat-co/react" repository instead, that was wrong.