Hans-J. Schmid (16) [Avatar] Offline
The last update was in November last year. What are you guys waiting for?
Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
I was first told it will be in February or March, now it seems to have been moved to May for some reason. :/
Hans-J. Schmid (16) [Avatar] Offline
So obviously not your fault. Great book btw!
Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
My fault was that it took me longer than expected to write it. Writing books is not a trivial task when you have a full-time job smilie

I've pinged the people from Manning again to inquire about the status of the copyediting and formatting process. I'll pass on the information as soon as I get it.

> Great book btw!

Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
A short update on the status, the copyediting process is almost done.

The next step will be preparing figures, code snippets for print and layouting.
329662 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Great work! E-book is fine but I'd really enjoy making notes and attaching post-its to the print version on my desk. smilie)
Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
When you do, I expect a photo of the book with the notes smilie