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[Originally posted by bkrug]

hi jon,

i am supposed to write a "behavior editor" for fish (believe it or not...) in
java3d for my thesis at university. i took some of your fancyapp code as a
base and managed to get some fish in the canvas by pressing a JButton
"fishbutton". now i have to assign some sort of behavior to the fish, for
example "swimming". how can i assign the behavior to an object in the
scenegraph. is there an example programm somewhere available. i thought of
something with scenegraphpath but i don`t know exactly...

if you have an example programm or some idea, please let me know. thank you
very much in advance.

best regards,

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Re: attaching behavior to objects
[Originally posted by author]

Using the components described in the book, you can letthe user pick an object
in the scene to be animated, and then enable or dynamically attach a set of
actuators and their associated behavior logic to the target object.

hope this helps