292073 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I find it quite annoying to constantly be reminded of what future chapters will bring.
I think the author means well and tries to inter connect the chapters but if you start reading from the beginning I am constantly being reminded what wonders await in future chapters.
In chapters 1-3 it feels like I am reading 50% content and the rest is preview of what is yet to come.

This is disturbing the reading flow quite a bit.
Nicolai Parlog (9) [Avatar] Offline
I hear you. The first chapters, particularly 1 and 2, are very high level and touch on a lot of things without going into detail, so I wanted to make sure that you know where you can go looking for those details. But I think I overdid it. When going over the first chapters again, I will look for references to cut. Thanks for your feedback!

If there are any references that you found particularly egregious, it would be great if you could share them here.