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All of the content is ready! 

All remaining chapters have been released! We’ve worked hard in the past month and a half.

Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 are available, along with the Appendices C and D and the revisions to the previous chapters. You are now able to read the whole book! 

Chapter 10 shows how to develop your first Alexa skill and a Twilio SMS chatbot and how with Claudia Bot Builder you can do that incredibly fast. 

Chapter 11 teaches you about testing serverless applications, writing testable serverless functions, and running automated tests locally. Along with that, it explains Hexagonal Architecture and how to refactor your serverless applications so they become easier to test and remove potential risks. 

Chapter 12 covers processing payments with serverless applications, implementing payments to your serverless API, and understanding the PCI compliance in payment processing. 

Chapter 13 makes sure you know all about running Express.js applications in AWS Lambda and the serverless ecosystem, serving static content from an Express.js application, connecting to MongoDB from a serverless Express.js application, and understanding the limitations and risks of Express.js apps in a serverless ecosystem.

Chapter 14 covers how to approach migrating to serverless, structuring your app according to serverless provider characteristics, organizing your application architecture so it's business-oriented and able to grow, and dealing with the architectural differences between serverless and traditional server-hosted applications.

Chapter 15 teaches you how CodePen uses serverless for its preprocessors ensuring hundreds of millions of requests, and how MindMup serves 400,000 active users with a two-person team and serverless. 

Appendix C helps in setting up your Stripe account and retrieving Stripe API keys as well as how to install and configure MongoDB.

Appendix D provides the pizza recipe! You should taste one of Aunt Maria's pizzas!

Awesome Feedback 

The feedback has been really amazing! We’ve added almost all suggestions and even more examples your requested!

We hope you will like the complete book even more!