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This book was started back in 2016: since then, a lot has changed.

Has it been updated to React 16.2, Webpack 3.8 and Babel 7, or at least versions close to these, or is it still using older versions?
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Hey there! The final version of this book (which is in production and very very close to being released) uses React 16 and covers topics introduced in the major change. I'll be updating the package.json once it goes out to reflect whatever minor version is latest (16.X or something). 16 came out very close to the time the book was finished being written, so I did my best to cover everything major that came out in 16. Future versions will, of course, take into account 17 or 18 or whatever version is out at the time and stable. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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That's good to hear!