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Please post errors in the published version of Get Programming with F# here. If necessary, we'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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Hi, the current errata list contains an entry for page 313 regarding triple quotes. However this error is on page 311.
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Listing 15.2. An imperative solution to a calculation over data
The below two lines of code in listing 15.2 should be de-indented so that they are not inside the for loop.

            if not found then
                summary.Add { Name = result.AwayTeam; AwayWins = 1 }

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16.1.2. iter
"See also" mentions iter3. This doesn't exist.
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Lesson 21: platters v. spindles
In Lesson 21, all occurrences of "spindles" should be replaced with "platters".
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22.4. Collections and options
"... a kind of symmetry between the Collection and Option modules."

Replace "Collection" with "List".
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20.1 A tour of loops in F#
The parenthetical note in the following statement from that topic seems to be an exactly backwards explanation of side effects:

The main thing to know is that—comprehensions aside—these looping constructs, although officially expressions, are inherently imperative, designed to work with side effects (code that doesn’t have any tangible output;

I'm a novice but I wouldn't say side effects result from code that doesn't have tangible output.