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Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
I completed 5 chapters and waiting for more chapters,
because I really enjoy these chapters

Inzamam Malik
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks! I have some good new: I'm wrapping up the next round of chapters today. It needs to go through some editing first, but it shouldn't be long until it arrives in your inbox.
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you very much my friend
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
I dont know why but i didnt get update so far
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
It went through the editing process and now I'm working on the suggestions I received back from the editors. Trust me, it'll be a much better book for it--the editors are really sharp at what they do and make for better reading in the end.
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, hope you are doing great
Wondering about new chapters
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
Hey! It's with the editors right now. Fingers crossed it will be back soon and in your inbox. Sorry there's the delay--I'm really eager for you to read it.
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
Ohh, thak you for reply
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
by the way how many chapters you are going to add this time? all reaming or just three?
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
It will be three more--if you haven't received them earlier today, you'll be getting them very shortly.
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
ohh yes i got it,
I have one more question, chapter 12 is named as "building an action for google assistant" so do you have plan to add more chapters on google assistant or it is just one
Actually my concern is I'm going to teach my people so if i find an all in one book(alexa and google assistant) it will be very useful book for me in teaching perspective, so i just wanted to know if you have any plan to go further on google assistant or not?
or if you are writing another book on google assistant

Actually i have recorded some video lectures myself but i think it is not good enough, the book is better approach
dustin (14) [Avatar] Offline
On Google Assistant, I'm not sure yet how many chapters it will end up being. The info on building for Assistant will be meaty, but how long it ends up being will determine how many chapters in the end. I think you'll be able to teach your people this book. Let me know if there are any specific Google Assistant features you'd like to see--I can't promise they'll make it in the final manuscript, but I can certainly consider it!
Mohammad Inzamam Malik (13) [Avatar] Offline
thank you for asking

here are the two channels in whihc i uploaded my video course:


I'm sure you already had a look of these videos

so first of all i need these features in the book because i think you can explain things better then me my videos are just a practice without much explanation,

secondly you can read the comment section in both channels for what people are asking, so you may also add that features
Account linking (boht flow)
user level entity and notification and updates (,

I will get in touch with you and tell you more thing soon