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Hi Yan,

I hope my question will not be too off topic.
I consider buying this course because I hope to get a deep grasp of the general problems and solutions for "serverless computing" which I can also apply to another platform like Azure Functions. Would you agree with this statement?

Thank you

PS: I very much like your teaching style which I learned to know during your engagement in the F# community
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Hi Olaf,

I think you can get some value from the course regarding the general problems, but the solutions are likely going to be vendor specific, especially with Azure functions working quite differently to Lambda and Google Cloud Functions in that it has pipes out as well as pipes in.

As much as I'd appreciate you purchasing the course I'm not sure it'd be great value for money for you in this case, since the value add for this course over other free content or even my medium posts is the hands-on demos we get to build together.