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Manning says that the book has been proof-read and has invited forum members to post corrections. The last time I did this I was told (rudely) that the PDF version available online hadn't actually been proof-read, so I was wasting my time posting corrections. So: is this the corrected version or not?

"All chapters have been copyedited, tech reviewed, proofread, and updated. We still have some more polishing to do as we prepare the book for publication, so there is still time for you to post any final corrections or comments in the book's online forum."
Marc Garreau (28) [Avatar] Offline
Sorry for the long delay in response; I took an overly long holiday from the book. Grammar, spelling and punctuation issues will be resolved by final QA reads by us and the Manning staff. Technical errors are something we're certainly interested in having reported. Sorry for any poor communication on our part.
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I would get this book out as soon as possible. Now that React 16.3 has been released, developers are abandoning Redux in droves in favour of the new React context API and the Unstated library. It's a pity, because the book looked promising.
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This ecosystem iterates quickly, no doubt. Redux will be a valid option for many use cases for a good while, but no framework lasts forever. We hope this book ages well, but you can never tell what's around the corner. That's the mark of a healthy and innovative open source community. Good luck building your apps in whichever flavor you choose!
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>>This ecosystem iterates quickly, no doubt.

It does. This is why a publishers need to get the product out quickly. Some Manning titles take two years and are obsolete well before they are published. This book was 'in the last days of updating code' over three months ago and isn't even scheduled to be released until May. How can it take six months to check through the text and print it? Newspapers do this in a couple of hours.

>>Redux will be a valid option for many use cases for a good while

It will be a great choice for developers who get paid by the number of lines of code they write, rather than the functionality of their programs.