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I’ve nearly completed watching all the videos and think I’m in a position to deliver some feedback.

First this is an excellent course. I'm not normally one for video learning, but I love the breadth of topics and there is just enough depth with each topic to inspire a feeling of confidence in the knowledge you have gained. Thank you for covering topics like testing, debugging, and CI/CD. These are often not discussed in many resources, but they are so important to actually delivering software!

I do think there are some improvements the course could make. I find typing out all the code is a great way to learn. But the immediate cuts after code is typed makes it hard to follow along. I have to scrub the video trying to pause it just right to get the completed code before it transitions to a new screen. A slight pause after making the changes and cutting to the next scene would be helpful.

Also, helpful would be a complete listing of the code that was changed. Often, only the major files are provided, forcing the viewer to rewatch the video over and over to catch the small changes. I would love to see a git repo with tags for each video and maybe even tag for steps within the video (integration tests working, now acceptance tests minus search restaurants working, debugging with serverless, debugging with SAM local, etc.)

I also love your asides on agile and the remark about rebranding ops teams to DevOps teams. I think we’d get along together well.
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Hi Russ,

Thank you, that's great feedback! We have heard similar suggestions through the external feedback process that Manning runs, and I'm looking at introduce more pauses as well as slowing down the coding sections in future units.

I do have a repo where the changes for each unit is tagged, you can find it here:

Maybe I can include a link to the relevant tag with each module where we're making code changes to make this a bit easier to track.
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Thanks for the link. I found your big-mouth repo on github and was going off of that. This repo should be much easier to follow.

I'm looking forward to watching future lessions.