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vyurik (76) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Ken,
I need clarification about Chapter 2 and Chapter 8 admin app connection.
My previous download of June 2017, did not have the admin folder in Chapter 2.
Now, Manning Chapter 2 has admin folder. However, the text of Chapter 2 never mentions the code and content of admin folder.
Chapter 8 says something like: let's take the admin folder source code from Chapter 2 and implement different tests of the code. It looks like Chapter 8 code does take the Chapter 2 admin code, adds tests, and adds admin clients.
The questions I have are:
1. If Chapter 8 tests Chapter 2 code, then shouldn't it be description of the admin functionality
in Chapter 2. Again, until today, I was not even aware of admin folder existence in Chapter 2 source code?
2. If Chapter 8 and Chapter 2 are not connected (as it seems today) then shouldn't Chapter 8 contain more description of what we are testing?

Thanks for the clarification,

Ken Finnigan (21) [Avatar] Offline

Unfortunately the code has been updated but not the book content for some already existing chapters.

I'm hoping over the coming weeks this gets rectified.

Sorry for the confusion