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1.1.2. Life with PowerShell

"Microsoft continues to build GUI consoles, but those consoles are executing PowerShell commands behind the scenes."

I take it what is really being said here is that Microsoft continues to punch out GUIs and that PowerShell can be used as a GUI-less, console option.

This sentence tripped me up as there is usually a distinction between GUIs and consoles. "GUI consoles" is a misnomer. And Microsoft is not using PowerShell as the operating system default to run Windows behind the GUIs.

I am approaching it from the perspective of Windows for PC and not Server. So if the above sentence was used within the context of Server then it should be explained in more detail at that point beyond that simple sentence because for someone with no understanding beyond Windows Home, that sentence makes no sense. And from my guess, that is exactly what that sentence applies to - GUIs built only on top of PowerShell in Server and similar.

Not essential for learning PowerShell I suppose, but clarity inspires student confidence.

I might as well just add here...

2.4. What version is this?

There is a TIP that mentions Add-WindowsFeature. Mind you this is even before we get to Chapter 3 and the Help System. And this TIP does not even mention that command only applies to Server. This goes to clarity for complete n00bs who are using Windows Home - which, now, it is becoming apparent that the book was not written for the perspective of a home PC user that knows absolutely nothing beyond Windows Home - which to my definition, is a beginner. I guess everyone has a different definition of beginner.