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Nick Chase (28) [Avatar] Offline
So the idea of the MEAP program is to let readers like you see books (and now video courses) early. It's good for you, because you don't have to wait until it's finished, and it's good for me, because I get feedback from you before finalizing the output.

The thing about these video courses, though, is that the writing is the easy part; I've actually written all of the code, and even the entire script. (Well, except for Unit 10, which is changing so fast it's futile for me to do that before the last minute.) It's the PRODUCTION that takes a long time.

So here's my question to you: how "raw" is too raw for you when it comes to the videos? I already know that the audio on units 1 and 2 need to be re-recorded, and that some of the visuals need to be reshot at higher resolution. But would you find a video useful if it had all of the necessary charts, graphs. and code, but where "decorative" images will eventually go there was placeholder text?

I'm asking because if so, it'll be MUCH easier (and faster!) to get you the basic content, then circle back and pretty things up afterwards.

What do you think?

---- Nick
ktexinterinc (1) [Avatar] Offline
Nick Chase (28) [Avatar] Offline
Awesome. Anybody else?