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Please post errors in the published version of JavaScript on Things here. If necessary, we'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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This is a really good textbook for learning JS, though I do think a true beginner would not be able to grasp the logic behind all tasks. I really like your book concept and teaching approach, though. So far I have not found any errors but that might be vecause I'm quite a newb at JS and might not spot somthign still guess a compiler would throw an error if somethign indeed was erronous. So far everythign is good (currently I'm almost half through the book)

Just saying thanks for releasing this fine JS guide.

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I'm enjoying the book so far, it's laid out well and engaging.

Please confirm whether this is an error or not (perhaps my understanding is wrong?) --

In Chapter 3, diagrams 3.11 (schematic) and 3.12 (fritzing wiring diagram), both show the LED is "before" the resistor, whereas I thought the resistor should be "before" the LED, to protect it.

Oh, of course I spoke too soon! Now I'm on page 64 and found out it doesn't matter! Other materials (often without explanation) I have learned electronics from the past few months always had the resistors "first".

I am learning so much and appreciate this author's approach to the material.
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In section 3.2.3, the "ingredient" list mentions three jumper wires, and Figure 3.18 seems to indicate that all three are used, but the instructions only mention one. Could this section be clarified, please?