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When I run ./virtualmachines.sh, I got

An error occurred (InvalidVpcID.NotFound) when calling the CreateSecurityGroup operation: The vpc ID 'None' does not exist

~$ aws ec2 describe-vpcs
    "Vpcs": [
            "CidrBlock": "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx16",
            "DhcpOptionsId": "xxxx-xxxx",
            "State": "available",
            "VpcId": "vpc-xxxx",
            "InstanceTenancy": "default",
            "CidrBlockAssociationSet": [
                    "AssociationId": "vpc-cidr-assoc-xxxxxxxx",
                    "CidrBlock": "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/16",
                    "CidrBlockState": {
                        "State": "associated"
            "IsDefault": false

I can only made the script works by changing "isDefault" to false:

VPCID="$(aws ec2 describe-vpcs --filter "Name=isDefault, Values=false" --query "Vpcs[0].VpcId" --output text)"

Is my VPC configuration misconfigured in order to use the script?
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It seems like I don't have default VPC. I think I created this account for US East region pre-2012, and creating default VPC is not straight forward (I have yet to find any instruction on how to create one, except contacting technical support, but my basic support plan doesn't includes technical support).

I can see that my other regions (US West - N. Cal etc) has the default VPC.

$ aws ec2 create-default-vpc

An error occurred (OperationNotPermitted) when calling the CreateDefaultVpc operation: Accounts on the EC2-Classic platform cannot create a default VPC.

The chapter 4 nodecc depends on this default VPC. How do I proceed?
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from the book:

If you created your existing AWS account before 2013-12-04 please create a new one as there are some legacy issues that might cause some trouble during our examples.

Let me know if it works with a fresh account.