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I would like to see in the book the following:

1) Synchronous vs Asynchronous API design discussed
2) For folks to refer back to particular API semantics or patterns or recipe, put it in "effective" format ala Scott Meyers "Effective C++" or Joshua Bloch's "Effective Java". This is to prevent readers from reading "lots of leaves" along the way and lose sight of the context or gist of the topic.

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Synchronous vs asynchronous will be discussed in chapter 10 (Designing in consumer's and provider's context).
The different types of APIs (synchronous, asynchronous, streaming, resources based, RPC and graph) will be discussed in this chapter. People tend to blindly choose to design synchronous REST APIs without knowing that there are other solutions that may be more adapted to solve some specific use case.

Regarding the book's format, I have never read an "effective" book, I'll take a look a it. Of course, I'll do my best to not lose the readers and the Manning review process will ensure that smilie