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New Content!

Two new chapters have been released!

Chapters 8 and 9 are available, along with the Appendix B and the revisions to the previous chapters. You are now able to learn how to develop serverless chatbots for Aunt Maria's Pizzeria!

Chapter 8 shows how to develop your first Facebook Messenger chatbot and how does Claudia Bot Builder help you do that in just several lines.

Chapter 9 is shows how to add a simple NLP (Natural Language Processing) to your chat bot, connect your chatbot to a your DynamoDB database and send delayed responses when an delivery gets in progress (an asynchronous event).

Great Feedback

We received a lot more of your great feedback and we highly appreciate it, so be sure to ask if you need more clarity, if you're confused or even wanted share your thoughts about the chapters.

We received more feedback on the previous 7 chapters. We are happy that you have learned how to build your first serverless applications!

Writing is going well, so be sure to check in for the next chapter on how to build your first Alexa skill.

The new, 10th chapter, is coming very soon!