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Hi Mark and Steven,

I'm eagerly awaiting the completion of the second edition and in the meanwhile a friend teased me about DI falling short when it comes to tracing an application code. Is the second edition going to cover (in general) how to implement tracing (e.g. for performance or to know what is happening on production where you can't attach a debugger) without the need to alter a production class' source code? Is it even desirable? Wouldn't it basically mean getting rid of all private methods to make every method call interceptible?
Can you point me to any useful sources to study? Thanks. smilie

Best regards, Tomas Benak
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Hi Tomas,

It is our opinion that DI is not "falling short" when it comes to adding monitoring and tracing to application code. A well-designed application allows plugging in these types of Cross-Cutting Concerns to a wide range of classes, without the need to make sweeping changes throughout your production source code. And yes, this is absolutely desirable!

This is a subject that is extensively covered in chapter 10. We expect chapter 10 to be published as MEAP version within a month or so.