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The sidebar for Windows on page 77 states that we should use "ubuntu" to login to the ssh session, however it should be "ec2-user".
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Why do you assume it should be ec2-user?

We don't start Amazon Linux on page 77? Instead we start Ubuntu which comes with the default user ubuntu.
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I'm talking about the sidebar in section 3.5 "Starting a virtual machine in another data center". You say to create a Amazon Linux AMI (HVM) machine image. Then you give instructions on how to ssh to the new EC2 instance in Linux, which gives the correct ec2-user login name. Then there is the sidebar for Windows which gives the login name as ubuntu which doesn't work.
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It seems like this issue was already fixed. There was a MEAP release recently, are you looking at the latest version? The text says:

Find the sydney.ppk file you created after downloading the new key pair, and
open it by double-clicking. The PuTTY Pageant should appear in the task bar
as an icon. Next, start PuTTY and connect to the public IP address from the
details of your virtual machine. Answer Yes to the security alert regarding the
authenticity of the new host, and type in ec2-user as login name. Press