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Thanks for investing the time to write this book. I think it will be very valuable. I noticed that figure 1.22 is missing. One further comment/question will the text go through an editor at Manning? Reading chapter 1 I think some of the text could be improved. I mean no disrespect to you, but I think the text could be tightened a bit (perhaps resulting in less text).
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Hi, you are right, figure 1.23 was accidentally copied twice in the MEAP (one instead of the correct figure 1.22) and I have already amended the the manuscript with the correct figure.

I am in the process of reworking chapter 1, which it is likely to be split into two chapters. I will give a higher level overview in the first chapter, which will get smaller, and I will move some of the deeper content on the second chapter. During the MEAP phase editors will perform only minor editing and major editing will take place towards the end of the process.