Noah B. (2) [Avatar] Offline
I replaced the .jar postgresql driver in the OpenJUMP Library with the new one, but it still won't connect to my database.
I'm using postgresql 9.5 and OpenJUMP 1.11.

I can connect to the database in QGIS just fine so I'm certain the issue lies somewhere with OpenJUMP but I can't figure it out.

regina.leo (265) [Avatar] Offline
Are you using an SSL connection to your database.

The Run Database Store Query doesn't support SSL sadly.

However you can use the File -> DBQuery tool. Just need to add "sslmode=require" to your jdbc url.

DBQuery tool is not quite as user-friendly as the Database Store Query sadly.

Noah B. (2) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the information about the SSL! I do use ssl so that will be helpful in the future.
The problem was with the server parameter in the connection options. "T" didn't work but I tried replacing that with "localhost" and now I can connect.