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I am reading a small sample from the book and I notice sentences like this:
The MVC pattern’s a broad concept that can be applied in a variety of situations,
but the use case in ASP.NET Core’s specifically as a user interface (UI) abstraction.

Does the author really contract "is" when writing or is this the mistake of narration software? Did he narrate the book? And if he did, didn't the editor/proofreader catch this? I find it very awkward and it has put me off buying the book. If the editor let such a mistake pass, then I don't trust that this is an adequately edited book, ready for publication.
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Hi, thank you for your post.

This book wasn't narrated (though there will be an audio book version of it once it's published). However, we don't copy edit chapters while authors are still working on them; all that sort of thing is done when the book is in Production.

Manning's style is to prefer contractions: "I'll" instead of "I will," "don't" instead of "don't," and so on. Still, the examples you cite are a bit awkward. This book is in the Production department now, so I expect the copy editors will catch such things.

Thanks again for your post.
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Hello Marina, and thanks for your answer. When I said "narrated", I didn't mean if it will come out as an audio book. I meant if the author didn't type it using a keyboard but instead used narration, speech-to-text software, like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I hope the editors do a good job.

When do you expect the paper book to be ready? I read June 2018 in some bookshops. Is this true? I'm afraid that a newer version of ASP.NET Core will have come out by then, with breaking changes.
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My apologies; mentioning the book will be available in audio form muddied the waters. I did understand that you meant narrated as in dictated. smilie The author did not narrate/dictate the book; he wrote it the regular way, by typing on a keyboard.

I'll let the author respond to your concerns about whether the ASP.NET 2.1 release will invalidate any of the book. I expect that the book will still be valid, especially since 2.1 is a minor release, but perhaps the author can chime in here.


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Also, publication date: I expect it to be in print well before June, but I work in Manning's Development department, not the Production department, so I can't say for sure.