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Nick Chase (28) [Avatar] Offline
Welcome to the forum, I'm glad to see you here! I'm in the process of putting together some live video sessions (as opposed to liveVideo sessions smilie) and I'm soliciting topics. Are there particular topics you'd like to hear about?


---- Nick
ssharma (51) [Avatar] Offline
I would like to see the following topics:
- XGBoost
- ROC Curve, Profit Curve, F1 Score
- Imbalanced classes
- Lasso & Ridge regression models
- Handling of Large categorical values / Sparse Matrix
- NLP Models (TFIDF, Word2vec, seq2seq)
Nick Chase (28) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, @ssharma! I'll get them on the list.

---- Nick
476751 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Nick,
I have completed the first two sections, and followed-along and run the .py files.
I have done a number of Python courses (2 not 3, as of yet), so I have a general understanding of the code you are scripting. And I did a full year of stats at university!
I think it would be great if you did a general overview of Tensorflow capabilities within Python, add some more description on what the lines of code are doing, and highlight how the code is flowing together.
Nick Chase (28) [Avatar] Offline
Excellent. Thanks, Brian!