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I'm unable to import bregman.suite. I get a message about the module not being found. I'm wondering if other folks are running into the same issue.
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I'm having this same issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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Solution tested with macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6

Step 1: With Python 2.7.15 installed:

From the unzipped folder 'bregman_r12-09.15' copy the subfolder 'bregman'

into the folder 'site-packages', located at:


Step 2:

Make sure you have installed the right versions of numpy and tensorflow:

From Terminal give these commands:

pip2 install numpy==1.11.3

pip2 install tensorflow==1.0

Also needed is:

pip2 install matplotlib scipy Pillow

Step 3: From the TensorFlow-Book-master:

Concept01_clustering.ipynb should run without any modification.
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I am working with anaconda for python 3.5+. So to work with BregmanToolkit i used to:
1. create 2.7 enviroment with anaconda and pip:
conda create -p ~/anaconda3/envs/py27 python=2.7 anaconda pip
2. source it:
source activate /home/denis/anaconda3/envs/py27
3. clone repository to any folder:
git clone
4. call pip install command:
pip install ./BregmanToolkit/
5. in addition ones may install:
pip install numpy==1.11.3
pip install tensorflow==1.0