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One thing I try not to do when purchasing Manning books is encounter overlap. After reviewing the descriptions of both this book and Irresistible APIs, I find their differences unclear. I was wondering if the author could share what will make this book unique?

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Hi Matthew,

I feel that Kirsten's book is about API advocacy and DX, it provides an overall view of why and how to do APIs in a project. It contains "only" (not a criticism) some general principles of API design.

My book explores deeply API design: It shows all aspects that a designer should be aware of. It explains meticulously how to design APIs. But more important it explains the principles behind all this: why API should be design in a certain way.

I wrote a blog post to explain what I'm trying to achieve with this book: The story behind The Design of Everyday APIs book

Does that make sense?
Do not hesitate to tell me if you need more explanations.

PS: This message is (almost) a copy/paste of my answer to the same question on Twitter