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The sections 11.5.1 up to 11.5.3 have been impossible for me to follow along. I had to go https://github.com/docker/labs/tree/master/beginner to accomplish what was discussed in this section. At that point, I was able to pick back up in section 11.5.3 and register the container I had built using the this link. This book is a great resource and its biggest value is deep explanation along with code samples that can be executed to perfection. I will never be an expert on all of the topics but I need to be able to walk through these code segment examples with very straight forward instruction. Thanks and I appreciate all your efforts.
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Gotcha. I realize that getting Docker going locally can be a bit tricky -- unfortunately if I were to walk through every step of getting Docker going, it might become a bit too long of a chapter.

Would it help if I linked off to other resources that explain how to get started with Docker, and then pick up on things after that?
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I think that could work. I followed the link provided earlier and was able to build an image with a docker file all locally as intended. I was then able to go back to section 11.5.3 to Tag as you described for Google and push to Google Container Registry. So I'm back on track now. Thanks